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A Music Hug

Personalized music for all occasions

During the COVID quarantine, I started thinking of creative ways to connect with friends…

What if I could join peaceful, calming music with a personal message of encouragement and hope?  That’s where A Music Hug came from!  I started sending personalized videos to dozens of friends and those who were in need of encouragement and hope.  The response I received was beyond what I could ever have imagined. 

~ Pete Ohlin

What’s Your Occasion?


The unique gift for the new couple will include a personalized video as well as a cassette/USB with the album of your choice


A gift they will never forget which includes a personalized video as well as a cassette/USB with the album of your choice

Home School

Are your kids driving you crazy? How about a LIVE stream concert for your family and your friends! Invite them all!


Gather some friends around, and a bottle of your favorite wine and let the music soothe your soul … along with the wine!

Any Occasion

Let me know any other type of celebration that arises and we can make a specialized, personalized online event just for you!

Corporate Hug Connection

Corporate Music Hug Connection - Pete Ohlin

Here’s what people are saying?

This service was perfect and just what the Dr. ordered!  A great way to connect with customers and employees.

Pharmaceutical Company

Your video was personal and meant a great deal to me and my clients.  What a great way to create lasting relationships in this crazy age of COVID!

Financial Services Group

THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!  What an impact! Just what i needed

Technical Service Company

Nothing better than your music on a gloomy COVID afternoon in the hospital.  I shared it with all of my staff!  

Dr. B
Infectious Disease Specialist

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